Monday, October 11, 2004

Tejano Music

Wonder if I'm the only non-Spanish speaking Anglo around who likes listening to Tejano music from time to time ? Usually, I tune in to one of our local Tejano music stations when the chit-chat on my normal 80's/top 40 station or whatever station gets too insipid, or they play Rod Stewart. Wait, that's the same thing.

I don't understand a word they say, but I enjoy the music. Wish I had even a little Spanish. I must find the time to read up some on the genre. The accordions and drums sound very German-Czech. I have always loved German oompah-pah music. Has to be some kind of cross cultural influence there. Makes me want to drink mucho cerveza (Pacifico, Carta Blanca, Dos Equis anybody ?) and eat some tortilla chips. With some salsa.

My wife hates it when I crank the volume, roll down the windows and drive thru the neighborhood at six-o-clock playing the stuff. Oh well.

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