Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday afternoon

Jess was very well-behaved during the baptism, and seemed to tolerate strangers putting water all over his head right well. However, Jess's sister C. stole the show, waving to folks she knew in the congregation, including, El Jefe Maximo flatters himself believing, El Jefe.

Brunch at the Dports. beautiful condo in Tanglewood after the baptism. One of my favorite parts of Houston, the area has the most beautiful trees, and is very shady, even if there is a bit too much pine round there for El Jefe's taste. The menu included, among other things, egg casseroles of various types, with fruit, some super-good banana bread, and excellent coffee, which is saying something, becuase El Jefe is not, as the ads used to say, a coffee achiever.

The children are all growing up SO FAST. El Jefe's son H, (Heir to the Kingdom of Chaos), was fascinated with Mr. Dport's. military memorabilia (Mr D. is a Viet. vet). Finally, though, he settled down with the other kids and played with Mr. D's big collection of toy train equipment. Jess and C's brother, Weston, (2 yrs. old) thinks H. is the cat's meow.

Speaking of meowing cats, MILO still has to wear her Daisy Duck collar. Hopefully, her bad spot heels soon, because FLINKY is creeped out by it, and growls every time MILO walks by.

H. and She Who Must Be Obeyed are watching the Astros playoff game. Suppose I should go put in an appearance. Kiddo baseball this we're going to be baseballed out, it looks like.

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Anonymous said...

OK fine, but there are some of us that relate to the real world. Such as the fact that Milo still has to wear THE COLLAR. Plus the Astro's loss is much more significant than the drovel between those too far east and those too far west.

Some of us appreciate living each day as though we only get one life and so many days. Think its best to enjoy them all, regardless. However, those of you who love to be drug down love it............