Monday, October 25, 2004

So What's the Democrats' "October Surprise ?"

So what's going to happen on, say, Thursday ?

I'm talking "October Surprise." You've gotta know the Democrats and their allies have one. The chattering classes: that is to say the journalists, the lawyers (well, most of them anyway), intellectuals and other scribblers, and the cultural elite both here and abroad HATE this President, and it's not too much to say they'd do anything to unseat him.

In 1992, the Friday before the election, Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh indicted former Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, which probably fatally wounded President Bush Sr's electoral chances the following week.

In 2000, the 11th hour leaking (probably by Democratic partisans) and publication of information about the current President Bush's 30 year old DUI conviction came within a whisker of putting Gore in the White House.

Too many journalists, bureaucrats, lawyers, and prosecutors don't like this President. If they've got ANYTHING, or can manufacture something, they most assuredly will. Thursday afternoon could be interesting...

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Timmy Helm said...

I think we don't have to wait for Thurday. The missing explosives deal might be the thing. How many Americans will have been blown up by election day with this missing hoard of explosives? Every explosion will be directly attributed to this hoard, every maiming of a child, wounding of an aid worker, or death of an American will be blamed on not protecting those explosives, because George Bush didn't know what was really important in Iraq. But John Kerry does. He would personally have guarded them himself, rather than being in his office doing his job. If it hadn't been for this dern campaign, he would have been there last week, and they would never have disappeared.