Sunday, October 10, 2004

Saturday Evening

Our friends the F's went to dinner with us this evening at the Club. Despite clouds, it turned out to be a nice evening, so we sat outside and tried to keep the kids from falling in the pool. The kiddos soon calmed down because the F's had the foresight to bring their son's Game Boy, which took care of the boys, while the F's exceptionally well behaved daughter was busy with one of those etch-a-sketch things.

Had a very good Red Snapper, but, on the whole, rather wish I'd ordered the Sea Bass that my wife (a/k/a She Who Must Be Obeyed) enjoyed. The food and the company were both excellent, but for some reason, the service was glacially slow. Have had better Cosmos, but mine wasn't bad. The place was virtually empty, with so many out of town this weekend -- about the only other folks in the place were my boss and his family.

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