Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Maybe some Good News ?

Looks like panic in the liberal ranks. Kerry is now running around bellowing that Bush is bringing back the draft; that the flu is Bush’s fault; and that he’s going to privatize Social Security.

Given that all this is demonstrably false, seems pretty stupid to air these charges now. Better to save them for the weekend before the election, to allow Bush no time to respond.

The San Francisco Chronicle today online says New Jersey is up for grabs. El Jefe regrets to say that he doesn’t really believe that, but such a nice thought. If Thurston has problems in New Jersey, his prospects for having enough time to practice his French next year look really good. Every dime Mrs. Heinz-Kerry’s hubby has to spend in N.J. (supposedly a safe state for him) is one less for Thurston to spend in Florida while he’s running around down there with Jesse Jackson.

The Washington Post tracking poll today shows Bush 51 percent, Kerry 46 percent. That's up one for Bush, down one for Kerry. What do the internal poll numbers say ? Is Thurston maybe sweating a little ? He acts it. Avez-vous un panic attack, Jean ?

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