Monday, October 11, 2004

The Ketchup Queen and Greed for Oil

Teresa Heinz Kerry is visiting south Texas, and to a crowd in McAllen, she promised that dear old Thurston, when he's crowned President "will never send a boy or girl in a uniform anywhere in the world because of our need and greed for oil."

I thought the soldiers were men and women ?

No war for "need and greed for oil" huh ? Lets war thirty years ago to protect South Vietnam from aggression abetted and funded by Russia and China (yeah, I know, he fought in, but he didn't support the war, he protested that one). No war thirteen years ago to oust Saddam from Kuwait ? (he voted against that one) Now he is the standard-bearer of the party that complains about the current war. Just what, if anything, WILL Thurston support fighting for ?

No war for oil ? Does the Ketchup Queen like driving, like flying down here to Texas ? Does she like the labels on her ketchup bottles, the lights in her home, the ink on her party's obnoxious yardsigns that promise (what a joke) "a stronger America ?" Beg pardon, but I can think of few things MORE worth fighting for than oil.

And these people want to run our country ?


The Mommy said...

El Jeffe, sir - Why else would this empire go to war? Is it for universal freedom? Of course not, or we would be fighting all the countries in the world. We indeed need oil, have few ways to produce it on our own, and thus the need to control those who do have it.

Tah-ray-za is a radical woman who speaks her mind. That I like. And I think he husband is very sexy. But that's not important.

I just don't get why the wives say anything at all! No one is voting on what the wives say.

The B.... said...

Rumor has it that these people don't deny that we need fuel for our cars and domestic supply is inadequate. However, being pacifists even on 9/12, they have developed a scheme to run catsup as fuel.

The original plan was alcohol as a fuel source as it could be produced from domestic grain, but that cut into the Kennedy's economic and social milieu. That would just not fly since Tedaquidick will be a cabinet member.